Your physician understands the importance of patient confidentiality and is committed to the protection of your personal health information.

  • All personally-identifying information is protected and stored on a secure server.
  • All information given via the physician consult form or in a conversation with any of our employees is held in complete confidence. Our employees adhere to the strict standards for patient confidentiality set forth by the American Medical Association and the Health on the Net Foundation.
  • We do not share any of your personal information with any of our affiliate or associate sites. When you access a site that is not a part of your physician’s, you will be notified prior to linking to that site.
  • We will not release any personally-identifying information to anyone unless mandated by federal or state laws. Aggregate statistical summaries may be released to third parties, but these statistics will contain no personally identifiable information.

Information Security: Yahoo! provides the technical information security services for your physician’s website. When you submit your information to your physician’s website, that information is converted to a random code. This is called encryption. When the information arrives at its destination, the data is decoded and stored on a secure server. There are two ways of knowing you are connected to a secure server.

  • A little closed padlock will appear on the bottom of your browser’s window when you access a secure page.
  • The “http” at the beginning of the URL will change to “https” when you access secure pages.

Other ways we provide Internet Security:

  • Email correspondence and notifications from Jeffrey Snow, M.D., P.A. will not contain any medical information or indication of medical treatment.
  • Our patients and staff communicate health information through a secure server only. To consult with your physician about health matters, communicate through our secure server.